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illshowyouchristian asked:
Your taste in music is impeccable. Nice list.

Thank you so much. That means a lot to me :)

screamingunspokenwords asked:
What are some great places to visit in Atlanta?


"JR Crckets": the wings are to die for -in my personal opinion

"Fellini’s pizza" on Ponce De Leon is really good & its only about $2 for a MASSIVE slice

Mardi Gras Cafe: great food, upstairs they hold shows on certain nights (open mic, spoken word, live performances, ect) 

check website for events:

go check out the restaurants on highland avenue (“highland bakery” is supposed to be amazing, there’s a place called “across the street” & the fajitas are delicious) 

"The Masquerade" hosts great concerts 

Clubs: Tongue & Groove was fun (more EDM music), “Opera” (never been but people love it), “Mansion Elan” (horrible long a** lines, cool on college night -I wouldn’t trust any other night, people watching is always hilarious & kills time in the lines. However, I will not lie: the venue is nice inside but you will most definitely run into the uppity ratchets of Atlanta, personally I hate mansion, their prices are all over the place) 

If you ride the ferris wheel in Centennial Park, the view is best at night

-I’m going to remember a lot later but right now that’s all i got lol


But….but…I thought Kanye did no good?


Wakeema Hollis

Love her!


we should all be thankful that centipedes can’t fly

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