I almost called you today
Almost diminished the will power I’ve been building up over the past months in order to move on
I almost called to say…I love you
I still love you and I don’t know why
My mind lingers on the memory of you, more often than not
I tried to forget you while attempting to cherish the lessons you left behind
I almost called to see if you were still mine

Why don’t you love me you asshole

Why didn’t anybody tell me that Janice Dickinson used to be g o r g e o u s

By trying to catch my eye, yelling out “hey gorgeous…hey beautiful…hey sexy”
You do not flatter me, but underestimate my strength
I do not need your cat-calls to measure up that value of my worth
I don’t not need your approval to know that every strand on my head is a crown that only one of my complex individuality can uphold
I don’t not eyes that attempt to strip my soul bare of bravery that kneels to no man, a sense of life that brings light to the most ominous nights I am smart, I am brilliant, I am not only beautiful but I am gorgeous, I deserve all that the world has to offer Your attempts to lure me in only to tear down what took almost twenty years to construct will not prosper; I am strong

Favorite songs (in no particular order):
Ooh Child - Five Stairsteps
Rebirth of Slick - Digable planets
I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common Sense
So Beautiful - Musiq Soulchild