Since the last time we talked:
I try to concentrate on forgetting you at least four days out of the week
I’ve cried three times in public
My hands have lost sensitivity & are solely capable of making two fists
And regardless of how much I wish on those shiny stars,
You’re the one I let get away.

Everyone has their boyfriends and that special someone
and then it’s just me
oh! and don’t forget my laptop aka my significant other

Leave me alone!!!

I don’t know how to love you. Go find someone else!



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More Atlanta Tumblr Meetups?

January 3, 2014.


blockbuster went out of business, which shocked everyone because we all thought they already did three years ago

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I crave you. I want you to crave me. All of me. My lips, my words, my body. All of me. Do you think about me?
(Journal Entry, 13.10.13)

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